BINDOGS promotes the use of litter bins to collect animal droppings by deploying an intelligent system (Paper Bin + Software Platform (SW) + Communication Campaign) that allows the use of the system among users, the data obtained and their integration with the citizen card.

It is materialized in an online tool aimed at raising awareness in the canine excrement recovery processes, promoting participation and commitment among user users. The online platform is in communication with the smart bins, monitoring the use by citizens who participate in the initiative through reading their citizens’ cards. This is intended to reduce the number of excreta in the streets of the city through incentives similar to bonuses in municipal fees or prizes that are received through the system.

The BINDOGS system is divided into the following components:

• Container of urban waste (paper) smart. This paper basket will communicate through the GPRS technology with the software platform for sending collected data.

• SW Tool, which manages the use of the system among users, the data obtained from it and its integration with the citizen card.

• Communication plan of the initiative among citizens. The development of a points system is not a key element to involve the citizen, so that when the reward system is used with bonuses and discounts.

The system has been implemented by Ci3 and Ferrovial Services in Guadalajara.