Ciudad 2020

The project is part of the industrial research initiatives of the Innpronta Program of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. It has a badget of  16.3 million euros and a length of 4 years.

Ciudad 2020 defines a disruptive model of sustainable, efficient and citizen-oriented city with the idea of being worldwide exported. Project combines in a holistic and optimal way research in following areas:

-A new city model for 2020 to lay the foundations of the territorial model in which the most sustainable and efficient city is registered.

-An infrastructure beyond the concepts of the current Internet and communication networks.

-A complete modeling of citizen behavior, based on a sophisticated analysis of large-scale ubiquitous data captured by the City 2020 infrastructure.

-A new model of energy efficiency in the city, through the exhaustive definition of a series of infrastructures and services based on ICT.

-A new model of sustainable transport, through innovative services that facilitate and ensure efficient mobility.

-A new environmental model, where in the well-being of the citizen, the pollution control of the cities.

-The provision of “super-services” oriented to the citizen, through the paradigm “ad civitatis cives”.