– Climate Change Strategy: Guadalajara municipality –

Last June, the 27th, it has been presented in public event with the attendance of different media the “Climate Change Adaptation Strategy of the Guadalajara municipality “, fulfilling the  “Mayors’ Pact about Climate and Energy” signed in 2017. Te act, took place in the City Council of Guadalajara. It was presented by Antonio Román, Mayor of Guadalajara, with the attendance of Francisco Ubeda, councilor responsible for Environment, Pablo Hyam, CTO of CI3.

The Climate Change Adaptation Strategy is a project awarded to Fundación CI3 by the Guadalajara Municipality, with the support of the Ministry of Ecologic Transition, through the Fundación Biodiversidad.

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy presents a necessary tool for the establishment of the most suitable politics to allow  Guadalajra to adapt its infrastructures and services in order to palliate consequences of global warming. The strategy presents the main actions to be deployed by the Municipality until 2030, and it is susceptible to be reviewed and audited every two years.

The complete document presents a review of the emissions diagnosis, quantification of CO2 sinks and estimation of possible tendential scenarios of the municipality according to the problem of climate change. This has enabled the design of concrete action plans that could be integrated into the municipality policies, both for the drawdown of greenhouse gas (GHG) as for the necessary adaptation to the consequences of the global warming.

Concretely, it is proposed as goal for the next decade, the cut off of the CO2 emissions in a 40%, throughout the improvement of the energetic efficiency and the increase in the use of renewable energy sources.

In order to elaborate the report, the technical team of CI3 has reviewed the emissions diagnosis carried out in December 2017, finding out that the main source of reduction in emissions during last three years has been the replacement of the 90% of the luminaires by new LED systems. This has allowed a saving of the 71% in energy consumption and an equivalent decrease in the CO2 emissions since 2015. The substitution of the luminaries has been achieved thanks to the high investment carried out by Ferrovial Servicios.

In parallel, CI3 has carried out the estimation of the GHG emissions in order to determine the “Carbon Footprint” in Guadalajara and quantified the CO2 sink effect of the forestry, according to the new green and natural area projects of the municipality. During the elaboration of the Strategy, they have been also estimated the tendential scenarios for the emissions during the period of 2020-2030. According to them, they have been stablished specific action plans to reduce emissions in the areas of agriculture and livestock, sanitation and water supply, public lighting, public and residential buildings, waste collection, street cleaning, parks and gardens, and mobility and transport.

The full Climate Change Strategy Document is available and free to consult in the municipalities web: