FOTsis project is a largescale field testing of the road infrastructure management systems needed for the operation of seven close-to-market cooperative I2V, V2I & I2I technologies (the FOTsis Services), in order to assess in detail both 1) their effectiveness and 2) their potential for a full-scale deployment in European roads. FOTsis is led by OHL concessions, within the consortium formed by entities and companies from eight countries, important national and international technological companies (SICE, GMV, INDRA, France Telecom, Terna Energy), motorway concessionaires (OHL, Iridium, Planestrada and Nea Odos), universities and Research centres (Polytechnic University of Madrid, University of Murcia, Geoville, Aasho University, CI3) and international automotive and infrastructure associations such as FIA and ASCPT.

Specifically, FOTsis will test the road infrastructure’s capability to incorporate the latest cooperative systems technology at 9 Test-Sites in four European Test-Communities (Spain, Portugal, Germany and Greece), providing the following services:

S1: Emergency Management

S2: Safety Incident Management

S3: Intelligent Congestion Control

S4: Dynamic Route Planning

S5: Special Vehicle Tracking

S6: Advanced Enforcement

S7: Infrastructure Safety Assessment

Using an integral and comprehensive approach, FOTsis therefore review the road infrastructure and communication networks required to secure a proper connectivity from the traffic control centres (and all the information they already have available, enhanced with the V2I data) with the users/vehicles.

Relying on the common European and open ITS architecture guideline proposal (supported by the project COMeSafety), able to incorporate available and future ITS services and systems, FOTsis aims to contribute to the safety, mobility and sustainability challenges faced nowadays by the European road transport system. The project represents a major step forward to better connect vehicles, infrastructures and traffic management centres, the main focus being placed on the responsibilities of the road operator.

Thanks to FOTSIS it has been possible to experience the most recent cooperative systems technologies in different test areas of Europe. In Spain they have been tested in the airport axis (M-12) and in several sections of the A2 motorway. Tests have also been carried out in sections of motorways of Portugal, Germany and Greece (in the stretch of the Pathe Highway between Athens and Lamia).

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