– Fundation CI3 “European Projects Office” –

Last November the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) awarded the Center for Innovation in Intelligent infrastructure (CI3) with a grant within the state program “Europa networks and managers technology centers 2017” to reinforce its Structure as office of European projects. This financial aid is intended to provide public and private research bodies with the structure and knowledge necessary for the proper preparation and management of European projects. In this way both research agencies and Spanish companies improve their opportunities of obtaining Community funding from the Horizonte 2020 (H2020) program during the final term of the programme.

Since its creation, the CI3 Foundation has been very active together with Ferrovial in the preparation of proposals and the subsequent participation in subsidized projects. Ci3 has a long track taking part in different projects co-financed by Spanish programs and European as: City-2020, FOTSIS, TEDS4BEE, outsmart, Ignite, DINATRANS, MIRE 3d, SMARTIMPACT, DRY4GAS, TT (transforming Transport), IoRL (Internet of Radio Light). These last two projects already belong to the H2020 program.

The obtaining of this subsidy constitutes a significant impulse to the activity of the CI3, which will allow to achieve the following objectives:

-Reinforce the structure of the CI3 Foundation, consolidating its capacity and increasing the expertise and knowledge of its resources for the proper preparation and management of European projects.

-Allow greater presence and leadership of the CI3 Foundation in H2020 projects.

-Support the access to H2020 of companies and entities without previous experience.

-Increase the number and relevance of the companies that rely on the CI3 Foundation to manage and develop their projects co-financed by the European Commission

Thanks to this impulse, the CI3 Foundation will have a 3D virtual space to show their projects and capacity.