IoRL (Internet of Radio Light)

IoRL is an EU-funded project leaded by EURESCOM (Germany) and the University of BRUNEL (UK) that represents a strong consortium of 20 stakeholders with a budget of EUR 7,6 million euros with a length of 36 months. In addition to the development of this technology, it will implement 4 pilots in different countries:  China, Francia, Inglaterra y España. The spanish pilot will be deployed in the station of Nuevos Ministerios in Madrid.

The Internet of Radio-Light (IoRL) project develops a safer, more secure, customizable and intelligent building network that reliably delivers increased throughput (greater than 10Gbps) from access points pervasively located within buildings, whilst minimizing interference and harmful EM exposure and providing location accuracy of less than 10 cm. It thereby shows how to solve the problem of broadband wireless access in buildings and promotes the establishment of a global standard in ITU.

Key aspects of this technology are:

-Use of existent

-Theoretical data tranfer higher than WiFi standard.

-Higher security in confined communications.

-Use of existent lighting infrastructure.

-Higher indoor localization precision than existent technologies.

-Descongestion of the ISM band of 2.4GHz.