– Kick-off Transforming Transport –

Transforming Transport: The Value of Big Data in the Mobility Sector.

The initiative will apply Big Data technology to the mobility and logistics sector to redefine transport models. This will increase operative efficiency, improve the user experience and allow to define new services.

On January, the 1st, the European Transforming Transport project was launched. It is funded within the R+D+I framework programme Horizon 2020, and with the participation of CI3.

This initiative seeks to validate, both technically and economically, the capacity of Big Data technologies to define new business models and services that improve operative efficiency and user experience in the mobility and logistics sector.

To accomplish that, and for the 30 months that the project will run, pilot projects will be rolled out across seven different areas: Smart High-ways, with the participation of CI3; Sustainable Vehicle Fleets; Proactive Rail Infrastructures, with the participation of CI3; Ports as Intelligent Logistics Hubs; Efficient Air Transport; Multi-modal Urban Mobility and Dynamic Supply Chains.

For each of these areas, two pilots have been planned with the aim of validating the replicability of the solutions developed.

The consortium is formed by 47 partners from countries such as Greece, Germany, Italy, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Spain and is led by Indra.

CI3, partner of the project, will participate in collaboration with Cintra and Ferrovial Agroman in the preparation and technical coordination of pilots, ensuring coherence of data and predictive models.