This is a project in which a total of 27 entities, including companies and universities, from Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark and the United Kingdom collaborate with a budget of € 5,000,000 and a duration of 27 months.

The OUTSMART project aims to create pilot services and applications that optimize and improve sustainability in the supply and access to resources in urban areas, through the creation of five ecosystems connected to the Internet of the Future. Each ecosystem or cluster covers an urban service and is developed in a strategically chosen European city: Waste management – Berlin, Germany; Water and sanitation – Aarhus, Denmark; Transportation and Environment – Birmingham, England; Smart metering and Public Lighting – Santander, Spain; Water and Environment – Trento, Italy. Each cluster of OUTSMART is made up of ICT companies and several partners that represent the three major actors of urban services: citizens, service providers and public bodies, providing OUTSMART with a marked approach to the end user.

The innovation factor of the project consists of the creation of 5 models of application of the Internet of the Future (FI) to services that will improve the efficiency, sustainability and quality of life of the inhabitants of urban areas. The design of the services will include a previous study, the implementation, evaluation of results and the creation of business models for their future implementation.