REVIVE promotes the use of the clean point as a reference point for the exchange of reusable items and the recycling of materials among citizens.

The main objective of the project is to attract the greatest number of users to the Clean Point, encouraging the entry of certain types of waste and the exit of others. Other secondary objectives:

• Encourage the use of the clean point among citizens.

• Increase the direct reuse of objects.

As a basis of the project, the development of a technological platform (Marketplace) accessible via PC / mobile / Tablet PC is strengthened, in which users have the updated catalog of reusable products from each clean point.

All the activity of the user will be developed in a single platform, being able to filter the products, as much in the contribution as in the collection.

Thus, users will have the possibility of having a profile on the platform that allows:

• Complete or modify your user profile information.

• Manage item reservations.

• Consult and exchange points for bonuses / discounts in public services.

• Manage favorite products and recommendations.

• Manage alerts and newsletter reception in their respective emails.

Thus, the project will implement a measure to protect the environment and human health, through the prevention / reduction of adverse impacts arising from the generation and management of waste, encouraging the reuse of them through a platform that manage and facilitate the exchange between citizens.

The project involves the implementation of a pilot. The exchange area in Revive in Spain is located in the Clean Point of Alcobendas.

Revive: Solución digital para reutilizar objetos usados