SMairT is an environmental monitoring system that allows to know the air quality of the city Alcarreña and has been developed by CI3 with the collaboration of the Department of Electronics of the University of Alcalá. To calibrate the different sensors, the data of the meteorological station of the Board of Communities with which the city has been taken as reference.

The development, in terms of hardware and software and firmware, has been framed in the innovation project with the same name consistent with the implementation and deployment of three environmental parameter measurement stations in Different points of the city of Guadalajara located in the streets fishermen and Ramón y Cajal.

Each of the SMairT stations includes environmental sensors that allow the monitoring of sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), ozone (O3) and suspended particles (PM10). On the other hand, the measuring points communicate with each other through 6LoWPAN, Internet protocol of Things, using the wireless network of sensors implemented within the framework of the SIMENON project.


SMairT offers citizens real-time information on the quality of air that is being breathed in the area chosen for deployment. This information can be obtained through the website of the project,, and can also be consulted in the Citizen Information Panel located on the Cultural axis of the city. This panel, through the color code marked by the Air Quality Index (ICA), offers the citizen the level of each parameter monitored (good, admissible, deficient or bad).


The air quality information system in Guadalajara has 3 measuring stations located in:

Station 1 : Calle Doctor Ramón y Cajal, 18.

Station 2 : Calle Doctor Ramón y Cajal, 16.

Station  3 : Calle Pescadores, 8.

The SMairT system is part of the range of projects that CI3 has deployed in the Open innovation Space (Living Lab) created in Guadalajara as a result of the agreement signed in 2013 with the municipal council. More information about the projects deployed by CI3 in the Living Lab in Guadalajara in this video.