Smartaparc allows, by artificial vision, to detect the occupancy of parking spaces on the surface, to inform the user without having to enter the car park. This information can be consulted either in the panels located for that purpose or through mobile applications.

The system is being installed in the parking area attached to the concathedral. It uses several cameras to detect images for processing them using algorithms of artificial vision, publishing the free squares through an informative panel located on the Cultural axis and an application of mobile terminals. This information and additional data on the project can also be consulted through the website:


Smartaparc provides high detection and reliability rates in suitable climatic and lighting conditions. It is a robust system for lighting changes, moderate weather changes and vibrations.





In addition, it allows to carry out statistics of occupancy of squares, time of use, schedules with more congestion

The Smartaparc system is part of the range of projects that CI3 has deployed in the Open innovation Space (Living Lab) created in Guadalajara as a result of the agreement signed in 2013 with the municipal council. More information about the projects deployed by CI3 in the Living Lab in Guadalajara in this video.