SmartImpact is a partnership of 10 cities in 10 different countries, leaded by the council of Manchester and which technical leader is the Fraunhofer Institute with a total length of 2 years.

The goal of the project is to give support to the cities in their search of the most suitable governance and business models that allow the incorporation of interconnected technological solutions in order to provide sustainable urban development. For this purpose, it is promoted the interchange of experiences of the structures and processes needed to successfully plan, finance, develop and manage a Smart city.

The main working areas in this project are focused in:

•Development of new models to define how organizations can adapt their structures to build smart cities.

•Effective financing of smart solution and the creation of new ways to understand the value of the co-funded strategies.

•Development and support of innovation ecosystems inside the cities.

•Exploration and study of the rol of regulations and incentives.

•Improve the comprehension of how the data integration and the urban data platform integration may support smart cities.