Telecommunications Engineer, specialized in planning and management by the Carlos III University of Madrid. Currently working as innovation project manager at Ferrovial.

Daniel Alonso

Innovation Project Manager

IT Security implementation in projects I am involved. Sensitive data management, aligened to the european directive GDPR IT Security management (fraud attempts, secure communications protocols, protection of Ferrovial internal network).

Benjamín Burga Polo

IT Security Project Manager

Responsible for the economic and financial control of the Foundation, including accounting, treasury, management control and taxation of the same. Head of Human Resources, managed the talent of the Foundation, our main asset. Selection, negotiation, policies and development management. Member of the management committee.

Jaime Capell Arrieta

Administrative Financial Manager

Technical engineer in industrial design, with more than 6 years of experience in design and engineering companies. In 2016 he completed a Master’s Degree in Innovation and, thereafter, worked on projects for new products and services related to mobility, insurance and health; and digital and cultural transformation projects. Believe in the ability of design / innovation to improve the world.

Andrea Cegarra Seco

Innovation Project Manager

MSc in Electronics and Industrial Automation, with a Master in Artificial Intelligence, has experience in the management and implementation of systems based on artificial vision, augmented reality and virtual reality. He has worked mainly as a systems engineer and project manager, developing innovative solutions for sectors such as aerospace or rail.

Mariano de Diego

Engineer in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Technical Engineer in Computer Science specialized in Management by the University of Valladolid and Computer Engineering by the UAM. Since 2014, he has been responsible for asset management projects for Ferrovial in the toll road division (Cintra) and participates as an architect in innovation projects implementing new technologies such as IoT, Cloud Computing, … in companies of the Ferrovial.

Diego Dueñas Rivera

Innovation Project Engineer

Civil Engineer (Polytechnic Universidad Politécnica Barcelona,1981). More than 30 years experience on ITS (Intelligent Transport Sstems). Joined Ferrovial group in 1988 working on motorways. In 1997 came to Corporation (Motorway Development). CIO of CINTRA during 10 years. Later, director of Excellence Center on ITS (Ferrovial Innovation Department). Since 2010, leads the CI3 Foundation.

Rafael Fando Mestre

General Manager

MSc in Telecommunications Engineering with a career focused on the field of engineering and R&D&I. Initially in the technical development area and later on in management of equipment and projects. Under this role, in addition, I am certified as Project Management Professional. Currently I carry out tasks of process management and innovation in the business area of ​​Construction.

Pablo Eugenio Fernández Vivanco

Innovation Project Manager

Computer Science Engineer.
R+D Engineer in Vitelcom: developing mobile phones (hardware and software).
Java Developer in Indra: projects of Vodafone company.
R+D Engineer in Altra Corporación: developing projects and making new products in Telemedicine area.
Java Analist Developer in Indra: railwary projects (Adif, Ave Medina-La Meca, Turquía, Marruecos y Lituania).

David Flores Parrado

Java Developer

Bachelor of Laws and Master in Business Dir by the EOI. With 19 years of experience as a Market Analyst for ICEX, Project Coordination in Central America for Isofoton, Secretary-Intervenor of Admón. Local in City Councils of Castilla-La Mancha. In Ci3 since 2013 participating in Industrial Property, Subsidized Projects: H2020, LIFE, Contracts of Innovation and Tenders of Ci3.

Carmen Gallego Villalba

Department of Administration and Legal Area

Isaura is an Industrial Technician in Electronics and Automation with a Master’s Degree in Integrated Management of Quality, Environmental and Occupational Risk Prevention Systems, as well as a postgraduate degree in SAP. She joined Ci3 in 2010 and is currently a functional analyst and project manager.

Isaura García Seco

Functional Analyst and Project Manager

Industrial Engineer specializing in Energy Techniques. Experience as an operations engineer for the implementation of the Lean Manufacturing methodology at Abbott Medical Optics. In 2016 I joined Ferrovial as start-up engineer, project manager in lighting projects and supporting business. Since 2018, I belong to Ci3 in the area of ​​bidding and promotion of new technologies.

Javier Gil Muñoz de la Nava

Tender engineer for energy services

Rebeca is innovation project manager in sustainability and environment. She provides support to the Environment Department of Ferrovial Corporation. Among other functions she represents Ferrovial in the European Inciative Climate KIC. Previously, she has worked as Responsible of the project of ESA Technology Broker for Spain.

Rebeca Guerra Garlito

Innovation Project Manager

MSc in Civil Engineering by UPM. It started in the construction sector from its beginning on the construction site at Ferrovial until it became Technical Director of a construction promoter. In 2008 he founded the Pryam Tecnicos and Sensasolar companies, specialized in project management, solar energy and LED lighting. Since 2013, Pablo is a CI3 technical manager.

Pablo Hyam Borrachero

Gerente técnico de CI3

Sara holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Rey Juan Carlos University and a master’s degree in financial planning and counseling at the URJC. He joined Ferrovial in 2016 performing administrative tasks in the information systems department and CI3 in June 2017 in the Administration and Human Resources department.

Sara López Clemente

Department of Administration and Human Resources

Francisco Luque, Telecommunications Engineer from the UPM. He worked in an R & D center focused on RV and as a consultant in an international communication company. He participated as manager of innovation projects H2020 in a consultancy. He joined Ci3 in 2016 as director of IoT and smartcities projects. Currently, he participates in acceleration initiatives for startups, funded by the EC.

Francisco Javier Luque Cañones

Innovation Project Manager

Doctor in Mining Engineering, specialization in Energy and Fuels and field of structural steel. Executive Development Program for women with high potential in the EOI. 20 years of experience in private sector, Living Lab of Gualajara of Ci3, Head of the Department of Innovation Management coordinating the innovative activity of the FCC Group and Head of the Dept. of R&D&i Projects of FCC Construct

Mª Isabel Vega Ruiz

Open Innovation Management, Ferrovial Corporation

More than 20 years helping users and traffic authorities to use and share information to improve road safety, traffic efficiency and low-emission transportation. As part of CI3, design, develop and implement technological solutions to provide competitive and added value advantages to all Ferrovial’s businesses in transport infrastructure.

Ángel Méndez Ruiz

Engineer of Projects and Tenders of ITS Systems

Civil Engineer by UPM. Experience in civil works, where he worked for a year in DRAGADOS USA, in the “High Speed ​​Rail” project in California, as well as in project management, working in Zabala Innovation Consulting, in international, European and national proposals. Later he joined CI3 as Project Manager of innovation.

Javier Murillo Ricote

Innovation Project Manager

Industrial Engineer with experience as process engineer/production of electrical equipment (General Electric) mechanical machinery and electronic equipment (APW Electronics, Ireland). Project manager in design, development, execution and commisioning of solar energy plants and electromechanical installations. Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at U. of Salamanca.At Ferrovial since 2015.

Rebeca Olivar Vaquero

Project Manager

Telecommunications Engineering, specialized in telematics (UAH) and the Univ. of Florence with MBA from the Business School of EAE Deusto. In addition, she is specialized in executive coaching by the EFIC school. She has worked mainly in the aerospace sector, especially in UAVs. He currently participates in different European projects such as H2020 IoRL, Zen Robotics and URBAN III SmartImpact.

Silvia de la Orden Rodríguez

Innovation Project Management

Alexis is a Technical Engineer in Computer Systems and also has a degree in Computer Engineering with more than 5 years in the area of ​​software development. He currently works at Ferrovial as a software engineer participating in innovation projects for the management of toll motorways, railway networks and machines and tunnel monitoring.

Alexis Ramos Fernández

Software engineer

BSc in Industrial Engineer and Industrial Electronics. Experience in industrial sectors performing automation of machines, purchasing departments and project planning. In 2010, I joined Ferrovial and later CI3, making tenders for energy services, specializing in BMS and systems for monitoring and managing consumption.

Miriam Reviejo de Pablo

Project technician

Beatriz is a Chemical Engineer with more than 12 years of experience, 10 of them as manager of international projects (Africa, Asia and Europe) of the EU, UNICEF and AECID. Experience as a technical editor of European R & D projects for the EU, within the Horizon 2020 framework, in SME instrument and Fast Track to Innovation programs, in charge of the strategic development of innovative products.

Beatriz Riesco García

Innovation Project Manager

Industrial Engineer, specialized in Electricity and Energy. He has extensive experience in R & D, innovation and systems consulting, both in preparation and execution and justification of national projects (CDTI and regional bodies), as well as European (FP7 and H2020) and tax deduction. At Ci3 he participates in city service projects and drone inspection initiatives.

Carlos del Río Gandarillas

Innovation Project Manager

Mechanical Engineer with experience in logistics, industrial design and project management in the industrial sector and new technologies. Founding partner of a web design development start-up for printing. Currently I work in innovation projects oriented to Digital Transformation, optimizing business processes and implementation of new technologies.

Ramón Sánchez García

Project Manager of Asset Management

Aeronautical Engineer with international background in the aerospace industry managing, monitoring and controlling the current Ferrovial Airports innovation projects portfolio. Writing and supervision of project proposals as well as creative/free-thinking to put forward initiatives that improve the passenger experience, operational efficiency and sustainability of the airports.

Jose Soler Ribes

Innovation Project Manager

BsC in computer sciene. Since 1990 involved in technology projects in different areas (programming, analysis, consulting, coordination, support and business development) and different sectors (finance, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, services and construction). At Ferrovial, he participated in the operation and implementation of asset management platforms for Cintra and Renfe.

Mahib Subh Chamma