Energy is a necessary mean to maintain our life quality and so, it is an essential issue into the European Union policies. These policies aim to reach three main complementary objectives: ensure supply, competitivity and sostenibility. In order to fullfil these goals, the European Union has stablished the “20/20/20” objectives for 2020 that are:

-Decrease of the greenhouse gas emissions in at least a 20% regarding 1990 levels. Una reducción en la Unión Europea de las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero de al menos un 20% por debajo de los niveles de 1990.

-Decrease of a 20% in the use of primary energy compared with projected levels, by means of the improvement of energy efficience.

– Secure that a 20% of the energy comsumption in the European Union derives from renewable energy sources.

TEDS4BEE empowers directly first two  “20/20/20”  goals, and provides public buildings with a sistem that allows the analisis of  data consumption and eases the identification of improvement in energetic efficience actions.

Project objective is to provide and deploy in several public buildings in Poland, UK, Spain, Italy and Serbia a Digital Service called EMMOS (Energy Management and Monitoring Operational System), which will allow to collect, store and analyze consumption data and other parameters that influence energy level. Therefore,  the Digital Service  (EMMOS) would ease to the buildings managers and to the Energy Services Companies to identify energy efficiency actions, helping local authorities to define better energy policies.

CI3 plays a key roll in the project as Technical Coordinator, in close collaboration with Ferrovial Servicios (Project Coordinator) and with the rest of participants as Technical Coordinator of the Clusters. In addition, Ci3 would take part in several tasks of the project  due to its wide knowledge in the field of Smart Infrastructures, Smart Services and Energy  Efficiency.

Further information: www.teds4bee.eu