Tuciudapp is a new digital channel of communication between the public administration, citizens and urban services companies, which uses QR code technology adhered to urban elements, with the innovative feature of being each one of them Associated with a unique and custom content. This channel will benefit tourism, promote the closeness and contact of the administration with the concerns of its citizens, contribute to the improvement and knowledge of the different municipal services and promote the business and commerce of the area. In the first phase of the project have been deployed 200 QR codes in the streets that compose the axis culture of Guadalajara.

Tuciudapp is an application for mobile devices that puts at the user’s fingertips, in a single click, everything you need to know about the locality in which you live or where you are sightseeing.




A nearby parking lot, a museum schedule, a restaurant, the history of its streets, its energy efficiency policy. Only by capturing with a mobile phone or tablet the QR codes that will be located in banks, streetlights, facades and other urban elements can be accessed any content that is required.

But not only can you capture information, it is also possible for the user to report what they want: an incidence, a flaw in a sidewalk, a suggestion, etc.

In addition, by only capturing a QR the citizen can offer or sue employment, announce a purchase or sale of items… In short, interact with your neighbors on the AD board enabled in the application.

Additional information about Tuciudapp can be consulted at the following website:


The Tuciudapp system is part of the range of projects that CI3 has deployed in the Open innovation Space (Living Lab) created in Guadalajara as a result of the agreement signed in 2013 with the municipal council. More information about the projects deployed by CI3 in the Living Lab in Guadalajara in this video.