SmartConstruction is a 12 months’ cooperation project that is jointly carried out by 4 international partner organizations from 3 different countries. It has a budget of 0.56 million euros.

The goal of the project is the interconnexion of BIM systems and the reality in construction sites via Smart Sensor Networks connected to a common platform. The result is a product for the automated synchronization of digital plans/documentation with the real-life progress on the construction site. It integrates wearable computing and IoT technologies developed for construction site deployment.


• Optimization of processes and


• Resource management

• Predictive maintenance

• Documentation

• Remote site management

• Scheduling and time tracking

• Occupational health and safety

Project includes the test and probe of two pilots/prototypes:

1._The first pilot will test the system according to traffic optimization and vehicle use on large scale constructions.  This will be carry out by monitoring and optimizing the traffic and load of construction vehicles on large scale construction sites. By doing this, the number of needed construction vehicles, driving distances are reduced in long term. Short term, the system comes within its own infrastructure, significantly reducing costs of mobile

communication. It is a unique solution because it extents GPS tracking by modular sensor

modalities and opens the construction industry for AI applications by providing

context information not available before.

2._ In the second pilot the construction personal working on a tunnel construction site are tracked and the air quality and gas concentration inside the tunnel measured. This helps to support occupational health and safety standards and lower the costs of monitoring the construction site by automating tasks that, currently, are performed manually.