SMARTCROSS is a continuous monitoring system through artificial vision, in Real-time pedestrian crossing for vehicle stop notice. It detects the presence of pedestrians in the waiting and crossing areas, warning by means of light signals to the vehicles.

The system is developed using artificial vision techniques using only 1 group of Esteresocópicas cameras. It allows the tracking and counting of pedestrians and vehicles for the elaboration of statistics.

This system will contribute to the citizen security by optimizing the passing and waiting times, reducing the unnecessary stops of vehicles and extending the crossing times for more vulnerable users. The system has been installed in a pedestrian crossing at the entrance of Calle Ramón y Cajal.

The SMARTCROSS system is part of the range of projects that CI3 has deployed in the Open innovation Space (Living Lab) created in Guadalajara as a result of the agreement signed in 2013 with the municipal council. More information about the projects deployed by CI3 in the Living Lab in Guadalajara in this video.