SPS Videoverification

The goal of the project is to achieve a fully reliable alternative system for verifying the metering and classification of vehicles on motorways equipped with Shadow Toll Systems by means of an artificial vision algorithm. The prototype is to replace manual metering and manual video operation systems currently used to verify the correct operation of the traffic meters and classifiers based on inductive loops located on the ground.

The project includes following secondary objectives:

Environmental objectives

The aim of the implantation of this pilot project is to avoid the situation where workers have to spend many hours in front of a computer to verify the correct operation of the inductive loops, which are responsible for metering and classifying vehicles. This would save energy and reduce the emissions of greenhouse-effect gases (CO2).

Industrial objectives

The technology that is to be used in the development of this prototype is highly innovative, especially in terms of software. The computer that is to be used has latest-generation processor and a high-precision graphic card for processing images. This enables the development on CUDA (Computer Unified Device Architecture), which is used to implement artificial intelligence algorithms for the recognition of moving objects and people.

Socio-economic objectives

Reduction of the time used to check system calibration will mean savings in time and cost, primarily for the Licensee and secondarily for the Administration.

As they will be able to spend part of their time on other jobs, workers will also feel more motivated at work.