– Climate Change Strategy: Guadalajara municipality –

CI3 advises the City of Guadalajara in the elaboration of its local Climate Change Strategy, tool that the municipality will integrate into their policies, both for the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) as in the need to adapt to the consequences of global warming that the planet is suffering.

Within the process, the outlook carried out in December 2016 will be reviewed, the calculation of GHG emissions for the quantification of the Carbon Footprint in Guadalajara will be made, estimating a trend scenario 2020-2030, and in this way, a starting This information defines the policies and concrete activities to reduce local emissions of greenhouse gases and mitigate their effect, to reduce the consequences of Climate Change in the city of Guadalajara.

This is a project of the municipality of Guadalajara with the support of the Ministry of agriculture and fisheries, food and environment, through Fundación Biodiversidad and the

Plan to Promote the Environment  for adaptation to climate change in Spain (PIMA Adapta).