Centro de innovación de infraestructuras inteligentes

The Centro de Innovación de Infraestructuras Inteligentes (CI3 – Centre for the Innovation of Smart Infrastructures) is a non-profit foundation of general interest and its aim is to contribute to the development of projects and innovation consulting for cities, highways, buildings, airports, water and environment. It counts with a long track in supported projects both at national as at European level.


Ci3 provides consulting services in different areas in the innovation field. Among others:

o Smart Cities
o Infrastructures, Services and Energy efficiency
o Innovation Management
o Strategies of sustainable urban development.
o Diagnosis and Strategies of adaptation to climate change
o State of the Art studies in several fields.
o Feasibility studies.
o Workshops and Ideation Sessions.

Design of own solutions

Ci3 actively works in the design of own solutions in different areas such as:
o Smart Grid
o Environmental monitoring
o Circular Economy
Thanks to the agreement that Ci3 posses with the municipality of Guadalajara in order to promote the Living-Lab of Guadalajara, it possess an open innovation space that allows Ci3 deploy new technologies and verify their functionality throughout their real interaction with urban citizens.

Supported Projects

Since its creation, Fundación Ci3 has been very active in the elaboration of proposals and participation in supported projects, taking part all along its track in different co-funded projects by Spanish and European programs such as: CIUDAD-2020, FOTSIS, TEDS4BEE, OUTSMART, PRENDE, DINATRANS, MIRE 3D, SMARTIMPACT, DRY4GAS, TT (Transforming Transport), IoRL (Internet of Radio Light).

Talent Pool

Ci3 is formed by a multidisciplinary team in continuous development and formation. It is mainly composed by technical specialists with wide international experience that have developed their carriers inside the Company in the field of innovation in Smart infrastructures.